Mattress Cleaning

We, the experts at HMS Commercial Services believe in the absolute freshness of our environment. We recommend specialist

cleaning of beds and mattresses – at the very least twice a year.

Unfortunately, beds and bedding are often ignored and unkempt in a large percentage of houses and businesses.

Yet, clients pass long hours in bed – “a third of the day and one third of our life”.


HMS Commercial Services can revitalise your mattress to look and feel like new again.

Just like carpets and upholstery mattresses are made up of fibres. We provide top quality mattress cleaning using a steam clean process which penetrates deep down into the fibres.

We start this process with a pre-vacuum of the mattress which eliminates 65% of dust particulates, the major cause of damage to the fibres subsequently reducing the life of your mattress.

This process also removes dead skin, spores, microbes, bacteria and on a commercial basis eradicates the first signs of bed bugs.

Those that suffer from allergies, such as asthma or dust related allergies, would find the process of a steam cleaning beneficial.

1. HMS Commercial carry out an inspection of the mattress where any stains identified will be treated before the cleaning process.

2. We then carry out a pre-vacuum.

3. Cleaning solution is applied.

4. Deep steam clean is carried out, reaching a steam temperature of up to 140 degrees to penetrate deep down to the base fibres eradicating any bacteria and bedbugs.

5. The mattress is treated with a sanitising solution to eliminate bacteria.

6. Finally the mattress is de-odorising leaving the mattress fresh and clean.


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