Health and Safety Policy Statement

The professional management of Health, Safety and Environmental matters is a priority and duty of all directors, managers and employees of the company. By setting ourselves high standards in this area we will provide for the welfare of employees and clients, protect the environment and in turn, achieve our business goals. Improving our Health, Safety and Environmental performance is an essential step in becoming a high-quality service provider.

  1. Conduct all activities to ensure high standards of Health, Safety and Environmental management.
  2. Comply with the guidelines set by the client and relevant national and local legislation.
  3. Aim to improve Health, Safety and Environmental performance each year by implementing programmes and establishing procedures which promote good occupational health, prevent accidents and incidents, and through a controlled process minimise the environmental impact.
  4. Provide adequate training, information and instruction to employees to improve skills and awareness.
  5. Keep employees, clients and other interested parties adequately informed concerning our Health, Safety and Environmental performance.
  6. Make available such finances and resources as are deemed reasonable to implement this policy.
  7. Monitor, review and update the policy as required, particularly when changes in the scale and nature of our operations occur. The policy will be reviewed as a minimum 12 monthly.

Our aim is to establish and promote a positive health and safety culture that supports a robust management system. By promoting safety and influencing employees by involving them in decision making so as to adopt and embrace safety as the number one priority within our business. Successful Health, Safety and Environmental management depends on each employee adopting a positive attitude towards these issues. Each of us has a contribution to make to ensure that good practices are followed and improvement programmes are implemented.

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